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Video Contests and Special Events

Meikou (Standard)

Contest Length: 2 hours

Maximum No. of Submissions: 2 per creator/studio

Maximum Submission Length: 7 minutes

Submission Categories: Action, Comedy, Dance, Drama, Fun, Horror, Parody, Romance, Sentimental, Serious and Other

Awards: Best of Show, Fan Favorite

Eligibility Requirements: There are no eligibility requirements for this contest.

This contest is an open contest to all creators, enthusiasts, beginners and casual editors who would like to submit their video and receive feedback or compete in a standard contest format. This contest is a competitive event structured with a view toward aspiring creators who are looking to develop their skills and move into more advanced and competitive formats.

Restrictions and Requirements

Submission Requirements: All submissions must be a new submission to A-Kon® and must have been completed within the 18 month period prior to the contest. Participants in this event are not eligible to submit to any other A-Kon® AMV contests.

Submission Content: No overt or abundant sexual (fan service) references, extreme violence/gore, and/or use of profanity in the song. All material submitted must adhere to a rating of PG by MPAA standards for animated material. Submissions containing these elements beyond this rating category will be disqualified from competition and will not be shown at the convention.

Unintentional Subtitles and Watermarks: We understand that some of you use source footage from television or other watermarked sources. Submissions which contain a watermark will not be disqualified for poor video quality; however, submissions containing unintentional subtitles, highly pixilated source footage (non-SFX) or other visual and auditory defects will be disqualified. For a guide on how to remove unintentional subtitles, please see

Bumpers, Logos and Credits: No bumpers, logos or credits of any kind will be allowed in this event. Submissions containing these elements will be disqualified from competition and will not be shown at the convention. Custom video bumpers will be created by the contest staff to ensure each creator/studio receives proper credit and recognition for their hard work. Please note that if you use more than one or two shows, your footage will be labeled as various on the contest bumper.

Creators may submit a second copy of their submission with personalized bumpers, credit and logos which will be used for any subsequent showings of their material outside of the contest running time at the convention.


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