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Recent News and Announcements

And the winners for 2015 are...

Masters Contest:

  • Best of Show - The Will to Win (M150000469/Attack on Titan) by Maboroshi Studio
  • Runner Up - Madoka Nebula (M150000511/Puella Magi Madoka Magica) by Unlucky Artist
  • Fan Favorite - Aria of Perseverence (M150000487/Your Lie In April) by Xophilarus
  • Fan Favorite Runner Up - Giggles n Jiggles (M150000489/Various) by Xophilarus & ShinAMV & GuntherAMV

Standard Contest:

  • Best of Show & Fan Favorite - Cowboys of the Bebop (S150000502/Cowboy Bebop) by shorisquared
  • Runner Up - My Little Sister Can't Be This RUDE!!! (S150000504/Oreimo) by shorisquared
  • Fan Favorite Runner Up - What Is My Dog? (S150000555/Various) by Pathos Prime

Posted by: Drake on June 10 2015, 15:48pm


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